NISARGRUNA Biogas plant
Based on Biodegradable waste resource

NISARGRUNA Biogas plant

A large amount of biodegradable waste is generated everyday. It is estimated that about 400-500 gm of biodegradable waste is generated per person per day. In Mumbai about 3000 tonnes of biodegradable waste is generated per day. All this waste is left in dumping grounds. Dumping of the waste at dump sites or in water bodies causes health hazards.

BARC’s NISARG-RUNA plant for solid waste management offers a “Zero garbage, Zero effluent” method for waste management. Two such plants have been installed at BARC and the residential complex, Anushaktinagar, for environmental friendly disposal of the waste generated in kitchens of various canteens in the premises.

A conventional plant can handle only gobar & / or human waste. NISARG-RUNA plant can process almost any biodegradable waste including kitchen waste, paper, grass, gobar, dry leaves etc. There is a good potential for energy generaton in this biphasic biomethanation plant.

A substantial portion of our biodegradable waste is food waste (38-40%) which is used to generate methane. This methane gas can be used as fuel for domestic purposes or in vehicles. The vegetable waste and paper waste yield manure. Manure obtained from such waste has high nitrogen contents. This manure acts as an excellent soil conditioner. The plant returns as organic manure that is 10% of the total waste processed. The carbon to nitrogen ratio of this manure is 12:1 (similar to fertile land). It has phosphorous, potassium, iron and magnesium in small quantities. It is weedfree and does not have any offensive smell.

NISARG-RUNA pays back Nature’s loan, in the form in which the Nature will appreciate.

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