Bicycle Mounted Water Purification (RO/UF) Unit Driven by Hybrid Power System

Bicycle mounted brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) system


This technology is an adaptation of conventional RO & UF. The unit is an off-grid, stand-alone, bicycle mounted brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) system of 10 -20 litres/hr (lph) capacity which can treat water contaminated with, salinity (up to 1000 mg/l), toxic elements, pathogens & turbidity. It can be operated throughout the day with the help of the dual energy systems provided. The same unit can be modified by incorporating an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, for removing only pathogens & turbidity from the raw water. In such case, the production will be increased to 120-200 lph.


  • The unit instantaneously converts contaminated raw water from any inland source to clean & safe drinking water
  • No need of grid electricity or battery
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The power source is a one - time investment. No electricity bill is to be paid


In this unit, water purification/desalination takes place by a pressure driven, membrane based process. Pressurization is effected by pumps run by electrical and mechanical energy.


The unit is suited for remote/rural areas where electricity is not available and can be moved from place to place, treating and supplying clean water at different locations. If installed in schools, students can operate it and have safe drinking water. As it is bicycle mounted, it will be of great help for people moving in desert areas / wilderness, as in the case of defense personnel, trekkers etc.


For doing assembly/ integration of the components, a space of 10 m2 (min) area is required. Testing is done outside. Area requirement for storage of materials can be decided by the party, as it will vary depending on the amount of inventory.


Assembly of the unit is manual and simple. Semi-skilled persons can assemble the unit, following the provided P&I diagram. Testing/operation also can be done by them. Modification of the bicycle to support the water treatment unit involves some mechanical work.

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