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Atomic Energy Commission formally established a small information unit in the year 1953 with the aim of providing facilities for translation of scientific and technical documents. During those days, Library & Information Services were scattered in various research laboratories in Mumbai including Trombay e.g. Biomedical Sciences laboratory, Chemical & Metallurgy laboratory and various other laboratories. Some centralised services like documentation, information dissemination and technical translation were performed from OYC.
The formation of Library & Information Services Section took place in the year 1968 and was located in Central Complex, Trombay, BARC. All the services started from here centrally.

Library & Information Services Section was reorganised as division in the year 1982.

In view of the new challenges taken up by the Division, of satisfying information need of the Centre utilising state-of-the-art digital technology, the Division was renamed as Scientific Information Resource Division on July 1, 2004.

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Head of Division/Section

1953- 1968 Dr. Athavle Publication Officer
1968- 1982 Dr. V. A. Kamath Librarian
1982-1999 Dr. M.R. Balakrishnan Scientific Officer
1st April 1999 - 31st October 2009 Dr. Vijai Kumar Outstanding Scientist
1st November 2009 - 31st December 2014 Dr. K Bhanumurthy Outstanding Scientist
1st January 2015 - 30th November 2021 Dr. G. Ravi Kumar Outstanding Scientist
1st December 2021 - 14th December 2023 Dr. S. Adhikari Outstanding Scientist
15th December 2023 Onwards Shri Manoj Singh Scientific Officer H


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