(`AKRUTI Tech Plus’)
Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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Solar Dryer

Solar power as a source of renewable energy is very useful in drying food items. Many places in rural India as well as urban India do not get sufficient power supply throughout the day. In such places solar dryer can be useful device for drying food items hygienically. Apart from solar radiation and natural convection of air currents in the dryer one more feature has been added to improve the drying of fruits and vegetables. The feature is based on simultaneous generation of electricity by a solar panel and using it for creating an induced draft of air by fans installed in the dryer. These installed exhaust fans are run to force moisture laden air outside the dryer. This dryer achieves sufficiently high chamber temperature and dries product in accelerated manner.


  • The solar dryer in the capacity of 25 kg fresh food per batch is used for drying tomato slices, brinjal slices, potato wafers, green chilies, apricot pieces, mango slices, grapes, fish etc.
  • Value addition on non-marketable produce by farmer/rural techno-preneur in rural sector itself.


  • By use of this dryer, the drying process is made 1.5 times faster than normal sun drying procedure resulting in substantial weight reduction.
  • It has no adverse effect on environment.
  • Product is hygienic.


  • Small workshop with facility to cut angles, plates, drilling of holes etc.


  • Two skilled technicians.

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