(`AKRUTI Tech Plus’)
Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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AKRUTI TECHNOLOGIES:A Post-harvest technology for development of Intermediate Moisture (IM)Shrimp
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A Post-harvest technology for development of Intermediate Moisture (IM)Shrimp

The current technology deals with the development & optimization of a Ready to Cook (RTC) product called Intermediate Moisture (IM) Shrimp conceptualized on a similar product called ‘Dried Shrimp or Sode (Marathi)’ which is predominantly used as a regular seafood preparation specially during rainy or lean season in the western India (Maharashtra & Goa). The IM Shrimp has a better over-all quality, microbiologically, biochemically safe & can be stored at ambient temperature for 4 months. It has better taste, colour, texture & rehydration capacity than similar dried shrimps available in markets. The IM Shrimp technology has potential to cater needs of domestic market as well can be exported. It also ensures availability of this prime seafood commodity during lean season, transportation to far-off places/landlocked states.


  • Very good quality, hygienic and nutritionally adequate
  •  Sensory and texture quality well acceptable
  •  Good rehydration capacity- retains original taste, texture & colour
  •  Ensures longer availability during lean season to distant/remote places
  •  Export quality product
  • Can be stored upto 4 months in packed condition at room temperature.


  • Ready-to-Cook Shrimp dishes
  • Useful for other target groups like defense personnel, school lunch program (mid-day meal), expeditions and astronauts
  • Continued availability of high quality IM shrimp for domestic consumption & export purpose.


a. Raw Material

  • Fresh shrimp in chilled condition, rock salt and chilled water.

b. Equipments

  • Soft agitators & Strainer
  • Conventional air/Infra-Red/Solar dryer
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Water activity meter
  • Packaging machines/sealers
  • Storage facility / ware house

c. Space

  • A room of 450 sq. ft. area (30 ft. x 15 ft.) having chilled water supply, processing area, stirrer / agitation tank, industrial (IR) dryers and packaging instruments.

d. Power

  • Both single & three phase power supply.

e. Manpower

  • One skilled worker and two un-skilled workers would be adequate for production of 100 kg  per day. Actual manpower would depend on production capacity.

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