(`AKRUTI Tech Plus’)
Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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Foldable solar dryer is a rectangular box with triangular top. The solar radiations are absorbed by black mat metallic outer surface of dryer. Heat is absorbed by inside air through conducting metallic plates. The geometry of the solar dryer ensures that the resultant hot air moves up and heats the product evenly and dries it by evaporating trapped moisture. Finally, this air escapes through vent at top. The dryer is of modular type and can be easily dismantled into a thin rectangular box for easy transportation & storage.

The foldable solar dryer in the capacity of 10, 25 & 100 kg is used for the preparation of raisin, drying of grapes, onion, mango pulp, green leafy vegetables, Amla, jack fruit pulp, ginger, green pepper, herbal medicines etc. More than 50 varieties have been dried using these dryers at various AKRUTIs.


  • By use of this dryer, the drying process is made 5 times faster than normal sun drying procedure resulting in substantial weight reduction.
  • 100 kg of grapes can be converted to 25 kg of raisin.
  • It has no adverse effect to environment.

Infrastructural Facilities

Small job shop with facility to cut angles, plates, drilling of holes etc.

2 semi-skilled technicians

FSD under Fabrication at AKRUTI-NIRMITEE Workshop

Products under drying

Some of the Products dried in FSD