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AKRUTI TECHNOLOGIES: Microfine Neem Biopesticide
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Microfine Neem Biopesticide

This biopesticide describes a novel technique of making micro size powder of whole neem fruit and other Ayurvedic herbs. Azadirectin, active ingredient of neem, becomes unstable after extraction and when sprayed on the crop, its anti insecticidal effect becomes short lived. Therefore, this technology utilizes Azadirectin in its original form as in neem fruit without extraction. Since azadirechtin is unstable in solution form, presently available neem based bio pesticides are less efficient and need frequent spraying adding to the cost. Considering this aspect a bio pesticide formulation using whole neem fruit (without extracting oil) in a micro fine powder form (20 micron) has been developed. This has solved the problem of instability of Azadirechtin and cost of extracting of oils is also eliminated.
Use of whole neem fruit and other ayurvedic herbs in micro fine dust form as pest controller is the novelty of this biopesticide*


  • All the goodness of Neem is available to the crops
  • The formulation particles create a sustained release effect since the ingredients are gradually released and thus a long term protection from insects is achieved
  • Insecticidal effect is stronger as degradation of active compound due to moisture, pH and light is reduced
  • The product is economical and efficient
  • Use of other ayurvedic herbs in micro fine powder adds to the effectiveness of the product


  • Agriculture, in general
  • In organic farming
  • Large scale manufacture by industries manufacturing biopesticide


Azadirachtin is the key ingredient of neem-based biopesticide responsible for the inhibition of pests. Three major factors that influence instability of Azadirachtin after extraction, are degradation in water, pH sensitivity and photo degradation. In this process, whole neem fruits are used in its original form without extracting Azadirachtin separately. This method ensures better Azadirachtin stability as well as effective utilization of other limonoids in neem fruits. The whole neem fruits are dried and ground with inert material into fine powder using a special technique. This method reduces particle size and creates new surface area, which in turn increases the availability of Azadirachtin on the surface of the particles. This whole neem powder based microfine formulation is found to be more effective than the equivalent products available in the market.


  • Neem seeds
  • Inert material as a carrier
  • Additives


  • Two small rooms one for preparation of formulation and other for packing
  • Lab instruments like ball miller


  • One skilled person and 2-3 unskilled persons depends on capacity of the plant

* This technology has been developed jointly by BARC and Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur under the financial support granted by Board of Radiation & Nuclear Studies, Department of Atomic Energy.

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