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Accelerator and Pulse Power Division

Compact Pulse Sources

A variety of novel and compact pulse power sources based on (a) Marx generators using coaxial cables as energy storage elements, (b) two-electrode pulse forming lines and three-electrode Blumleins using helical line energy storage elements (HLSE) and (c) spiral line generators, have been developed and are being adapted for specialised applications. 

A prototype spiral generator rated 200kV, 100J has been designed, fabricated & tested up to a level of 100kV. Fabrication of insulating former for a prototype spiral generator rated for 150kV, 50J, with oil impregnation facility is in progress. Design of the input rail type spark gap is initiated.

A Compact Marx Generator based on PFN module Capacitors (21nF, 30kV) rated 300kV, 6kA, 200J, 100ns, for Indore University under BRNS scheme, based on folded pulse forming line modules has been commissioned. 

150 kV, 40 J, Compact Marx Generator

The design & development of compact pulse power sources suitable for field applications have been taken up. The first system developed under this category is a 150 kV, 40 J, Marx Generator and is shown in figure.

These machines are routinely used by constituent units in DAE as well as by other industrial establishments, defence units etc.

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