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The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) supports extramural research and development activities in nuclear and allied sciences, engineering and technology through its nodal funding agency - the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS). BRNS continuously thrives to encourage, enthuse and support scientists and engineers in pursuing excellence in R & D programmes of interest and relevance to DAE.

Form - PPA
Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)

  Research Grants

Applications seeking financial assistance to carry out research programmes and projects by the investigators have to be in the prescribed format (FORM-PPA). The soft copy of the project proposal should be mailed to brns@barc.gov.in and only two hard copies of the application form PPA are required to be submitted to BRNS office. The proposals received by the BRNS Secretariat are referred to the concerned advisory committee for evaluation and recommendations. The committee's recommendations are discussed in the board meeting. The board and its advisory committees meet two to three times in a year. The board periodically reviews the progress of the projects and investigators of large projects are invited for a scientific/technical presentation to the board. Financial sanctions for the projects approved by the board are released by DAE subject to availability of funds.